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Limbo is NOT just a dance! Or, why waiting is so hard.

I am beginning to feel like all that excitement about getting an agent was some sort of a dream. In just one week I went from no prospects at all, to finding the agent of my dreams. Yay! But, now...well, it's been hard waking up. And, of course, waiting sucks.

I know, I know, "give it time", you say. I am doing that. I am trying to "trust the process" as another saying goes. But Limbo is not an ideal state of mind. I know I should be grateful that I am having this "1st world problem" at all. After all, I have privilege and a modicum of respect in my current life. Will I truly be happier if my book gets published? Um.....HELL YES!

So, back to waiting...

A checklist of things to do while you wait:

✓ Obsessively check emails

✓ Blog

✓ Get acquainted with the weirdness of the titterverse

✓ Waste far too much time playing online chess

✓ Tweet about past blogs

✓ Annoy family and friends with your semi-amusing blog posts

✓ Go to work and try not to think about the emails that you are not getting from your agent

✓ Lay awake at night thinking about what might possibly happen in the near future

✓ Lose sleep over your wonderings

✓ Eat

✓ Repeat all of the above

I know that things happen when they happen, but could this waiting bit just be over already?

Believe me, Limbo is NOT just a dance!

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