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Drawings For My Story

The Lands of Eyona
5. New Kehyo
Kehyo's drawing of Ilnai
Ilnai village
Nene (Kehyo's grandmother)
The qeegog trancing
Ryela's nightmare
Nene watches the Koreks feed
Kehyo's night mission
The Old Temple of The Grove
Kehyo's dream of trancing
The Ruins at the Waymeet
The Lake in the Jen Valley
Kehyo and Ryela share a quiet moment
The cleft that Ryela runs into
A Map of the hidden city
Tash-Hashur's chamber
The Caves - Interior
the Old City
The hut by the Falls
The amulet
The salute of the Sarks
The northward trek
The temple in the Trees
Ona in her room
Sark Flight
A passage in the Kotara
The shantytown outside Dahru
A street in Dahru
The Fortress of Dahru
Ona summons help
The cliffs where they hide
The Sarks fly home
The ship awaits
The cabin onboard ship
Zeji, The Regent
A view of the plain of Luluara
The Annals of Eyona
The Wurai longship
Zeji on horseback
Lan Lai
Master Wei
Prisoners in the hold
Mabda reaches for Tahr
Tahr is bereft
Akna walks the high fells
The gloomy forest
A Lunari and his handler
The Sarks look for Kehyo and Ryela
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