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My Epic Quest for a published book: The Moment of Truth

Well, it happened.... I heard back from that agent (he will remain nameless - to protect him AND me!)

He wrote another brief email:

"Hi Will, Thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Shall we discuss literary representation when you have a moment?"

I will call him tomorrow and then let the blogosphere know what happened. :)

Things I am wondering about right now:

1. Will he offer representation to sell the 179,000 wor saga - or just the first book?

2. Will we talk about money?

3. Will there be any discussion of film rights?

4. Will I be able to convince him that it needs illustrations?

5. What will be his concerns about the text?

6. Will he give editing notes?

7. What else will we talk about?

8. Will I LIKE him? Trust him?

9. Will he LIKE me and trust me?

Stay tuned to find out...

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