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My Epic Quest for a published book: Glimmerings of hope?

I am hesitant to even write these words...but I may have hit pay dirt.

A VERY REPUTABLE AGENT IS CURRENTLY READING MY ENTIRE 179,000 word MAGNUM OPUS (or is that magnum albatross?) !

I sent a very normal looking query out and got back a very atypical response:

"Thanks please do email the manuscript my way!"

I thought, "No way, REALLY!" I stared at the screen, dumbfounded. Up to this point I had only ever been requested to send the first five chapters of book one. Now, this total stranger, who, by the way, had ONLY SEEN MY QUERY LETTER, wants the WHOLE manuscript to book one? AMAZING!

I spent the day trying NOT to check my email every ten seconds...NOT very successfully, I might add, and went about my business (in other words, in a daze, wondering when the other shoe would fall - the dream would come crashing down and I would be left in a puddle of tears - AGAIN!). But no, this day was to become EVEN MORE UNREAL!

I just received a second email that actually made me - ME mind you - negative, gloom and doom me - SMILE!

Here it is in all its fourteen word glory:

"Hi Will,

I loved reading this! Please email me the next two installments? Thanks!"

I do believe - or am beginning to anyway - that I may have actually succeeded in getting an agent for my book.

Who knew it could be so easy? *wink wink :)

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