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Realizing my dreams? It's been a lot harder than I thought...

When I was sixteen years old, and attending Community High School in Ann Arbor, I made a list of the creative things I'd like to accomplish in my life.

Here is a reconstructed version of that long-lost list:

(It is a sort of "bucket list", but this was well before anyone was talking of such things using that name.)

✓write a fantasy novel

have a "one-man" show of my art

✓make a recording of my piano music

make a film

design and build my own house

write a play

write a collection of poetry

I can say, with all honesty, that I had NO IDEA how to do any of the things listed above.

Writing the novel took well over a decade to accomplish.

The recording of my own piano compositions and improvisations took me 30 years to achieve.

I am still chasing the "one-man" show...

If you are reading this, then you have somehow "found" my work through my website.

Please feel free to share any of my creative projects with your friends and family.

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